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APU's CHAMP Program returns for another year of giving 4th grade students guidance as to their college aspirations: What might they pursue in college, what is college life like, what's the cost to go to college, what are schlarships, and so much more! As in previous years, the 4th grade students took at field trip to APU and will "graduate" from the CHAMP Program in December!


2016-2017 Student Council

It's a new year and that means a new "team!" Congratulations to the Magnolia's new Student Council; Donovan La Crue, Jayro Salinas, Bethzy Perez, and Jimena Salinas. These students, along with room "ambassadors," will be involved in Red Ribbon Week, monthly assemblies, and many more social activities! 

AR Rocks!

Accelerated Reader (AR) is not just about how many points or words an AR book is worth. AR is about helping students get "lost" in a book, letting their imagination run wild! With so many books becoming movies, it's important for students to experience and embrace the book (they are always better than the movie)! Reading improves vocabulary. Vocabulary improves knowledge. Knowledge is Power! Be sure your child is being read to or reading an AR book today!