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Mayor Rocha Visits
Mayor Rocha's Visit


Community Members at Work
Community Members at Work



School Rules


Dress Code

The following items are not permitted for school attire:

  • Clothing that indicates an affiliation with a gang or intimidating group
  • Bandannas, hairnets or visors
  • Oversized pants that fall below the waist*
  • Baggy shorts with knee socks
  • Belts with lettering or longer than waist appropriate
  • Halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, see-through or fish net clothing
  • Clothing that does not conceal undergarments at all times
  • Skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh
  • Clothing that suggests obscene pictures, wording, and/or drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex or violence
  • Frayed or unfinished hems
  • Thongs, thong-like sandals, steel-toed shoes or sandals without a back strap

*The oversized clothing has a connotation of gang involvement and affords students, so inclined, potential hiding places for items of contraband neither allowed nor desired on any school campus. Pants must be able to stay up without a belt or other modifications.


Playground Rules

  • Play in assigned areas.
  • Use balls, equipment and picnic tables properly.
  • Use restrooms and drinking fountains properly.
  • Walk on the blacktop, sidewalks and hallways.


Cafeteria Rules

  • Eat quietly.
  • Chew with mouths closed.
  • Stay in seats.
  • Keep hands on own tray.
  • Put uneaten food in trash.
  • Clean up eating area before raising hand to be excused.

Magnolia Mustangs

make wise choices.

Magnolia Mustangs

inspire others.

Magnolia Mustangs l

ead by doing.

Magnolia Mustangs

develop solutions.


Magnolia Cafeteria

The Nutrition Services Department now accepts pre-payments for meals on-line via MySchoolBucks which can be found on the district website under Departments, Nutrition Services.  

Reaching the top

It is our goal that Magnolia Elementary School be a safe, pleasant and orderly environment in which children learn and grow. An award system is an integral part of our student academic/behavior program. Students should be encouraged to be responsible at school. At Magnolia School the award program may include, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Accelerated Reading Achievement Certificates
  • California Standards Tests-Proficient/Advanced recognition
  • Student of the Month Awards
  • Character Awards
  • Perfect Attendance Awards
  • Mustang Madness Tickets that earn "Lunch with the Principal"