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Magnolia School

945 East Nearfield Street

Azusa, CA 91702

(626) 815-5800

Principal Alexis Norman



Mrs. Higgins Retirees

Mrs. Higgins Retirees

Mrs.Higgins retires this year after giving the Azusa Unified School District and Magnolia 32 years of service. We are very sad to see her go. She will be greatly missed, however, we wish her the best for this new chapter in her life. We know she come back to visit all of her W.I.L.D Mustangs. 



Congratulations Ms. Diana Narvaez for all the hard work that you do! We celebrate you as our 2015-2016 Classified Staff Member of the Year. Way to Go!



CHAMP graduation was amazing this year! Our fourth grade students were nervous yet thrilled to be walking across a college stage. They throughly enjoyed spending time with their APU mentors in and out of the classroom, and found the whole experience fun and rewarding. Now they are ready for college. Thank you to Azusa Pacific University for taking care of our W.I.L.D. Mustangs.

Azusa Board President, Mayor Rocha, and Councilmember Visit Magnolia

Azusa Board President and Mayor Rocha Visit Magnolia

Mayor Rocha, Azusa Board President Yolanda Rodriguez-Pena, and Councilmember Robert Gonzales speak with our Magnolia family members about the importance of community involvement in our children's education. They took time out of their busy schedules to elaborate on the resources Azusa has to offer our community. Thank you!

Duarte ELKS Dictionary Donation

Duarte ELKS Dictionary Donation

Thank you to the Duarte Elks Lodge for donating dictionaries to all of Magnolia's 3rd grade boys and girls! The children were so excited and enjoyed the visit. They are learning new words as well as how to use sign language from their new books. Way to go ELKS!

Eagle Project

Eagle Project

Local Eagle Scout in process plants 15 tress at Magnolia. Christian brought his troop friends and leader to plant 15 trees over the summer. This was his final project and it went off without a hitch. The trees are now growing on the west side of the campus looking beautiful. Did you know one tree provides enough oxygen for two human beings! Thank you Christian! Good luck on your next adventure.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

Have a GREAT SUMMER! See you on August 18 for the first day of school.


2016-2017 Schedules


            Mon. Sept. 14- June 3 Early (8:15-1:10) & Late Bird (9:15-2:10)

            Every Thursday all Kinders will come to school from 8:15-1:10

Grades 1-3

            Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:15- 2:10

Grades 4-5

            Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:15- 2:38

Grades 1-5

          Thursday 8:15-1:30

          Minimum Day 8:15-1:15

All School Recess



             K         11:30-12:15

             1-2     11:45-12:30

            3-4-5   12:00-12:45


PBIS and Character Behavior Support at Magnolia!

 At Magnolia we value character and positive behavior as well as achievement. We support students by teaching them why it is important to make wise choices and we focus on exhibiting one character trait each month. Students who demonstrate positive character and behaviors receive WILD Mustang tickets. Tickets will go into a classroom drawing and students will have opportunities to win a variety of incentives. Also, one student a month is chosen by their teacher to receive recognition for exemplifying the character of the month. 

We are W.I.L.D. Mustangs


W   Wise Choices

    Inspire Others

L    Lead by Doing

  Develop Solutions


Attentive Mustangs pay attention to the person leading the conversation.

Dependable – Mustangs can be relied upon and trusted.

Kind – Mustangs are interested in the well-being of others; helpful.

Respectful – Mustangs are willing to learn about each other’s differences.

Truthful – Mustangs tell the truth and take ownership of what they do.

Self-controlled – Mustangs control their actions.

Thankful – Mustangs are grateful to others and appreciate them.

Perseverance – Mustangs continue all efforts to achieve despite difficulties.              

Patience – Mustangs can wait calmly for others to accomplish tasks.



Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Accelerated Reader at Home

AR continues to be an exciting way for students to see their progress in reading. Whether through points per book or the number of words in a book, students gain self-confidence and improve their reading skills. You can team up with your child by monitoring their AR progress at home. Whether it’s looking at the books they’ve read and scores achieved on the books, or seeing their AR reading level, you can team up!  You will need the following:

Your child’s school username; and their password. Log onto: https://hosted57.renlearn.com/266967. It’s that simple! Try it!


Mission & Vision Statement

Our vision at Magnolia is to create a community that motivates and empowers all to achieve high academic goals, promotes critical thinking and problem solving, fosters the development of responsible and respectful students, and establishes a foundation for future learning and the pursuit of personal excellence.

Our mission at Magnolia Elementary School is to:

  • Maintain a collaborative and cooperative environment among students, staff, families, and community members,
  • Provide rich learning experiences that allow all students to thrive and achieve the rigorous demands of academic standards,
  • Implement teaching practices that are reflective and responsive to the needs of our students,
  • Integrate the use of technology to support instruction, learning, and acceleration,
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment that promotes life-long learning, and
  • Build a community where character counts and respect of self, peers, staff, and the environment is demonstrated by all.


Magnolia Receives the Gold Ribbon Award and the Title I Academic Achievement Award

Magnolia has recently been awarded the Gold Ribbon, as well as the designation of a Title I Academic Achieving School. We could not be more thrilled to have received these awards. We know it takes many individuals to support our W.I.L.D. Mustangs and we could not have achieved these awards without the support from our community, teachers, staff, students, and all the district's employees that keep us up and running. Thank you! Goooooo Mustangs!!!!!!

THE Award Recipients

Congratulations Miss. Gustafson and Mrs. Casas for all your hard work and dedication at Magnolia!

Congratulations to Miss. Gustafson and Mrs. Casas for all of their hard work! The were recognized at the THE Awards for their consistent dedication to our young Magnolia Scholars.

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Magnolia Student Support Team


Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Mrs. Silvia Marquez for being Magnolia's 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year! We are so happy that Mrs. Marquez was nominated and chosen to receive this award. The Magnolia community has described her as a "hard working, motivating individual." She supports all students and staff, and is always willing to go the extra mile! We are so very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Marquez.

Letter From the Principal

Dear Partners in Learning,

Welcome students and families to the 2015-2016 school year! We hope you enjoyed your summer break with your loved ones.  The time has come for school to resume and we are so excited to start! We wanted to share the exciting things that are happening at our school.

At Magnolia, staff members create learning environments where collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving are nurtured. Children are supported by a community that motivates and empowers them to achieve to the best of their ability and beyond. Educational equity is practiced by building relationships with each child, finding out their individual needs, and then fulfilling those needs.  As a teaching and learning community Magnolia Mustangs are consistently engaged in rigorous learning environments where character counts and respect for self, peers, staff, and environment is demonstrated by all.

 Magnolia is becoming a hands-on science learning environment. We are in the process of working with local community members to develop outdoor ecological environments. Soon the school will be filled with plants native to the local community. This will beautify the school, help save water during the current drought, and engage students in meaningful interesting science lessons.

We have three new teachers and three new noon supervisors this year. Ms. Olivia Martin, Mrs. Donna Martyn, and Ms. Yvette Espinoza are the new teachers and Ms. Primavera Gomez, Mrs. Leticia Noyola, and Mrs. Isabelle Fierro are the new noon supervisors. Olivia will be teaching our fourth grade students, Donna will teach a 4/5 combo, and Yvette is our new RSP teacher. Mrs. Martin comes to us from Gladstone Street School and has been highly recommended by her last principal. Our second addition, Mrs. Martyn has taught at Magnolia previously. We are so excited to have her back. Furthermore, her prior principal did not want to let her go! Ms. Espinoza is new to Azusa and was described by her colleagues as passionate, hardworking, and dedicated. Our noon supervisors are all new to Azusa and we are eager to get to know them.  Welcome ladies!  As for the rest of our esteemed staff, together we have over 300 years of teaching experience.  I am confident we will succeed at providing an environment where all students thrive. Our staff is constantly engaging in reflection and learning to help better serve our students. Rest assured our children are in good hands.

As an instructional leader I am always looking for ways to support teachers and students. I am currently finishing up my Doctorate of Educational Leadership at USC and have already put into practice many of the concepts I am learning.  I will do everything I can to provide our children a nurturing environment that promotes life-long learning.

Please know that my door is always open. I value your input and believe that with your support and involvement the possibilities are endless. We look forward to a spectacular school year!

Gooooooo Mustangs!

Alexis Norman




ST Math at Magnolia


What does a penguin named JiJi and Common Core have to do with each other? JiJi is the students “friend” and “guide,” as the student navigates the math Common Core Standards. Students enjoy helping JiJi move on, as they learn about math concepts! It’s an interactive, fun and imaginative program that leads students to success!

Faith Community Church Donates Plants & Time

Faith Community Church Donates Plants & Time

Faith Community Church came to Magnolia and donated their time as well as four garden boxes full of plants. Thank you so much for helping to make our school a more beautiful place for students and staff. Additionally, our children are learning about science concepts as well as taking responsibility for caring for our new plants!