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Important Dates for 2014-15


18  Class Lists posted at the front of school at 4:30 pm

19  First day of classes-Minimum Day dismissal- Kindergarten dismisses at 12:45; 1st-5th dismisses at 1:15

20  Minimum Day dismissal- Kindergarten dismisses at 12:45; 1st-5th dismisses at 1:15

21 First Thursday dismissal - Kindergarten dismisses at 12:45; 1st-5th dismisses at 1:30

22 First full day for 1st-5th -Kindergarten dismisses at 12:45; 1st-3rd dismisses at 2:10; 4th & 5th dismisses at 2:38



ST Math is moving along at Magnolia

Magnolia students are all studying with JiJi the Penguin as they use the ST Math program in the computer lab. This math program helps students understand math concepts based on the Common Core State Standards. The program reinforces and helps students see math in a different way which helps students develop math concepts more fully.

Character Award 3.JPG Character Award 2.JPG Character Award.JPG Character Award 8.JPG Character Award 4.JPG

Character Counts


     Here at Magnolia, we value student character as well as achievement. We focus on one of the following character traits each month: attentiveness, thankfulness, kindness, dependability, self-control, truthfulness, respect, goodness, and patience.  Students who are caught demonstrating positive character receive Mustang Madness tickets.  Each month we draw 2 tickets from each grade level to enjoy " Lunch with the Principal." Also, one student a month is chosen by their teacher to receive recognition for exemplifying the character of the month.

Character counts at Magnolia!

The 2014-15 School Year starts with Camp ABC

Camp ABC for all of our new Preppy K and Kindergarteners gives our youngest students the opportunity to meet the teachers and learn about school before all of the other students arrive. 

Who: All Preppy K and Kindergarten students enrolled for the 2014-15 school year

When: August 5th - 8th from 8:30-10:30

Why: Meet teachers and the principal, tour the school, learn classroom rules and expectations, learn playground rules and expectations, make new friends

Congratulations Mrs. Faust

Toty Faust.jpgCongratulations are in order for Mrs. Faust. She has been chosen to represent Magnolia as the Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Faust has been an employee of our district since 1981 when she began as an Instructional Aide, then became a substitute teacher. A long-term substitute position led the way for a permanent position in 1986. For the last 28 years she has had various assignments in all of the primary grades at Magnolia but most recently in the 3rd grade. She has told each class along the way, “You have things to do, places to go and knowledge to gain.” 

Mrs. Faust does an exceptional job with her students both academically and emotionally. It was interesting to note that when I asked some former students what they remember most about her, they brought up different aspects of her connection with them. One student had this to say, “Mrs. Faust used to sing silly songs and read my favorite books, ‘The Magic Treehouse’. I read all of the books now. Mrs. Faust used to encourage us to read, read, read and that’s how we got a lot of reading awards.” Another student wrote, “Mrs. Faust is a fun and caring teacher. I remember when she made us study for math; we would play a game that helped us do multiplication and division. Mrs. Faust would always make sure every person understood what we were learning.” A third student wrote, “…Even when I didn’t know how to do something, she would help me, but told me to challenge myself and I did and that’s what made me get better at everything.”

As these examples show, Mrs. Faust is genuinely invested in each student’s progress each year and does everything possible to help each student grow.

Mrs. Faust has more than teacher of the year to celebrate because she has announced her retirement as of the end of this year.  We all  wish you the best in your retirement and will miss your positive influence at Magnolia School.

5th Graders Participate in the Blue Ribbon Music Festival in Los Angels

5th grade music festival waiting.jpeg

Magnolia's 5th graders had the honor of participating in the Blue Ribbon Music Festival at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. Once accepted to attend, the students learn a dance that they perform with all of the other 5th graders from the LA area. They also get to see a live, professional, musical performance in the theater. Magnolia had 5th row seats! This is Magnolia's 3 year to be able to participate. Thank you to Ms. Batrez for applying early each year so our students can have this experience. They had a great time!

Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Parents! Parents! Parents!

Want to find out how many Accelerated Reader quizzes your student has taken  and how well they scored?

Log in to the website below, enter your child's school username and password and you will be able to see the books that have been read. You can also use the AR Bookfinder to know the reading level  of the book your child is reading. Letter's will be coming home in February that provide this information in more details. Here's the website:     https://hosted57.renlearn.com/266967

Important Dates to Know

May 2014

14  Parent Preview Day; Staff Appreciation Day!; Minimum Day

15  Awards Assembly

20  5th. grade to FMS; Ice Cream Bingo

21  Volunteer Breakfast

22  Open House

26  Holiday

27  5th grade to Knott's

28  Minimum Day

June 2014

2  Picnic Day - Students eat lunch outside on the grass. Students may bring a towel, sunglasses and a hat if they would like.

3  Talent Show student performance

4  Minimum Day - Softball game - 5th graders vs. teachers

5  Field Day

6  Minimum Day; Awards Assembly; Last day of school for students.                                                                     

A Message from Principal Jennifer Cooke

Principal Jenny Cooke

Hello Magnolia Families,

The Magnolia School  is setting reading goals and reaching them! We have various incentives for students who reach their individual goals. Already this year we have had an on-stage production of Robin Hood, a Double Recess Teachers Play day and Breakfast Bingo. Students are loving reading and talking about their favorite books.   

This year we are fully transitioned and setting our goals for student learning based on the Common Core State Standards. California is one of 45 states who have adopted these new standards. With them, comes an emphasis on informational text starting with Kindergarten. Students will be expected to refer to the text while writing well-developed essays. Along with new standards comes the new assessment of these standards. Starting next year, students will be tested with the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This computerized assessment will be taken by third through fifth grade students at Magnolia. For more information about the Common Core Standards visit the website cde.ca.gov or to take a practice test of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, visit smarterbalanced.org. See how well you do.

Remember, as we practice our skills, we improve them. Let's make the skill of reading, something we practice everyday. Good reading skills make other subjects easier to learn, too!

Take a good book with you where ever you go. When ever you have to wait, there's time to read!

Ms. Cooke


Reading Award Recipients

Highest Reader.jpg Reading Award b.jpg Reading award c.jpg reading award d.jpg Reading Award e.jpg Reading Award.jpg Ready Readers 2.jpg Ready Readers.jpg

Reading Goal

 Magnolia students set reading goals and reach them all year. We have special incentives for those who reach their goal by the deadline. Some of the incentives this year will be a magic show, a live stage performance, a popcorn party, and an extra recess.    Keep reading Mustangs so you can earn the next reward!

TRC 5th c.jpg

5th Graders use the District's Technology Resource Center

Fifth grade students had a walking field trip to the District Office Technology Resource Center. Students were able to use the laptop computers to do research and access the Smarter Balanced Practice Test. This is a valuable experience for our 5th graders as we get closer to the testing window. By utilizing the practice test, students will be more familiar with the structure and resources available when completing the real assessment.