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Magnolia School

945 East Nearfield Street

Azusa, CA 91702

(626) 815-5800

Principal Alexis Norman


Secretary Martha Villanueva




Mayor Rocha visited Magnolia for Dr. Suess' birthday today! Thank you Mayor for reading to our kids. They enjoyed it!

Magnolia Community Stays FIt With Zumba

Magnolia Community Stays FIt With Zumba

Welcome Board Member Helen Jaramillo

Welcome Board Memebr Helen Jaramillo

Thank You Covina Sunrise Rotary for your support!

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Have A Wonderful Summer!

See You Next Year!

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Teacher of the Year- Mr. Eric Klebow

Congratulations to Mr. Eric Klebow! Mr. Klebow was picked by a team of Magnolia stakeholders as the 2014-2015 Magnolia Teacher of the Year! We are very excited for Mr. Klebow. He is an outstanding member of the Magnolia team. Mr. Klebow stood out, although all of the teachers at Magnolia work hard to support student achievement. Some of the comments gathered regarding Mr. Klebow's performance addressed his positive attitude, his dedication to his students and their parents, and his ability to create a classroom environment where students love to come to school. Mr. Klebow "makes learning fun!" WAY TO GO MR. KLEBOW!

Character Counts at Magnolia!

   Here at Magnolia, we value student character as well as achievement. We focus on one character trait each month  To remind us to practice positive character, we call Wednesday, “Character Day” We wear the color associated with the character we are studying. Please see the colors below for each character trait we will study this year.

  Students who are caught demonstrating positive character on any day, receive Mustang Madness tickets.  Tickets will go into a classroom drawing and one winner a month will be chosen to invite a friend to “Lunch with the Principal”. Also, one student a month is chosen by their teacher to receive recognition for exemplifying the character of the month.



May – Patience

Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Accelerated Reader at Home

AR continues to be an exciting way for students to see their progress in reading. Whether through points per book or the number of words in a book, students gain self-confidence and improve their reading skills. You can team up with your child by monitoring their AR progress at home. Whether it’s looking at the books they’ve read and scores achieved on the books, or seeing their AR reading level, you can team up!  You will need the following:

Your child’s school username; and their password. Log onto: https://hosted57.renlearn.com/266967. It’s that simple! Try it!


Magnolia Student Support Team

Magnolia Student Support Team

Letter From the Principal

Dear Partners in Learning,

The staff and I welcome you to an exciting year at Magnolia School! We look forward to a successful school year. We are committed to collaborating with our families this year and forming partnerships that will support the educational life of our students.

You can help your child’s academic achievement by spending at least ten minutes each day talking and asking critical thinking questions like:

1. Why do you think that…?

2. What is the relationship between…?

In addition, please encourage your child to read 20 to 30 minutes every day. The more hours students spend reading, the greater the increase in their vocabulary!

There have been a few staff changes since last year. We are pleased to welcome and introduce these new staff members:

• Mr. Derrick Riggs, 4/5 teacher

• Ms. Megan Gustafson, 3/4 teacher

• Mrs. Irene Nava, 2/3 teacher

• Ms. Hanna McKee, Preschool teacher

• Ms. Janet Cardenas, Preschool teacher

Thank you for your supporting your child’s education. Together we make a positive difference in the lives of our shared students. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 626-815-5800 or email at anorman@azusa.org.


Alexis Norman




Congratulations Mrs. Basurto

Congratulations Mrs. Basurto

Magnolia Awards Ruth Basurto

Congratulations to Mrs. Ruth Basurto! Mrs. Basutro was chosen by her colleagues to receive an award for being an outstanding educator. The "THE" award is a special award that teachers give to individuals that go above and beyond their duties. GREAT JOB MRS. BASURTO!

ST Math at Magnolia


What does a penguin named JiJi and Common Core have to do with each other? JiJi is the students “friend” and “guide,” as the student navigates the math Common Core Standards. Students enjoy helping JiJi move on, as they learn about math concepts! It’s an interactive, fun and imaginative program that leads students to success!